Updated September 1, 2019 (with September Tokyo Aki Banzuke, chart rev 1)

The three-basho chart is new for the upcoming September Aki Tokyo basho. This three-basho chart shows the results of the last two bashos (May/July) plus the banzuke ranking for the September basho.

Below is an (old) example detail from one of the charts. Clicking the image will open the Three Basho JPG chart in your browser. You can click on the “download” buttons to view a chart. PC users can right-click a button to “Save As” the specific version chart.

Notes about the rankings: After each basho, some rikishi are demoted from Makuuchi level to the second level competition (Juryo). An equal number of rikishi that excelled in the Juryo level competition are promoted to Makuuuchi for the next basho. These promotions and demotions are noted, along with the Makuuchi tournament winner. I tried to make this chart 100% accurate, but errors may exist.

Errors/comments can be reported to fpink3@gmail.com

Use the zoom in/out feature of viewing program to adjust the chart height to match the height of your screen. Then use the horizontal slider on the program to move earlier and later in the chart.

Fred Pinkerton, Massachusetts USA